New Electronic Left Foot Accelerator

Auto Extras now offers a new style of the Electronic Left Foot Accelerator for clients that have lost the use of their right leg or foot, and still want to stay in the driver’s seat.
The Guido Simplex system is user-friendly, excellent quality and built with safety in mind. This product works by installing a secondary accelerator to the right of the brake pedal.


The left foot accelerator is manufactured with full length and angle adjustment for optimal foot position. Both right and left accelerator pedals can be hinged to swing up and away if necessary to accommodate all drivers.
We install a switch mounted on the dash that dis-engages the right pedal and engages the left. A button is then pressed to operate the left pedal. This safety feature ensures that the left pedal isn’t accidentally operated by another driver.


Should the client decide to change vehicles, the system can be removed with little impact to the vehicle and refitted to the new car.
We strongly recommend that the customer is in contact with a Driver Trained Occupational Therapist and has had driving lessons before installing this modification.

All Auto Extras modifications meet or exceed the relevant Australian certifications and standards.