Modify Your Van to Include Racking, Shelving, Cargo Barriers and Other Key Features for Commercial Use in Brisbane

Are you thinking about going into business as a plumber, an electrician, a mobile mechanic, a contractor or some other form of tradesperson? If so, then you might want to consider modifying your van to suit the needs of your new job. If you plan to work in one of the trades mentioned above, one of the things you will almost certainly need is a spacious and well-stocked van. You need a spot to store tools, parts and materials, and a well-organised van is the best option considering the mobile nature of your trade.

Invest in Van Shelving and Other Improvements for Your Van in Brisbane

If you are looking to modify your van for work purposes, Auto Extras can help. We have been in business for more than three decades and helped countless tradespeople like you over the years. We can take a relatively basic passenger or cargo van and turn it into a safe, easy to organise and space-conscious hub for your business.

Here are a few of the improvements that we can provide:

  • Cargo Barriers: At Auto Extras, we install cargo barriers in Brisbane, which are a good idea if you are carrying a bunch of loose parts, tools or other cargo in the back of your van. In a collision or during sharp braking, these objects can be propelled forward—creating an unsafe situation for you as the driver. Our cargo barriers form a wall against these flying objects and prevent any injuries they might cause.
  • Anti-Vapour Barriers: If your job involves transporting chemicals or other substances that have a strong odour (common for plumbers, painters and other tradespeople), you’d probably prefer not to smell it when you are in the driver’s seat. With anti-vapour barriers from Auto Extras, you get a sealed cargo barrier partition that also keeps unwanted odours in the rear part of your van.
  • Van Shelving: Auto Extras can also design and install custom van racking in Brisbane. As a tradesperson, you need a racking system in your van that you can use to organise parts and tools or prevent paint cans and bottles of chemicals from spilling all over the place. Auto Extras stocks more than 20 types of van shelving systems in Brisbane, and we can customise each to suit every bend and contour of your vehicle’s shape.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Professional Van Modifications from Auto Extras

Taking the time to outfit your van with cargo barriers, van racking and van shelving in Brisbane will yield numerous benefits for your business. Not only will your van be safer and better organised, but it will also look more professional to your clients. When you can quickly find, and access the parts and supplies you need to perform a job, you can get the work done faster and more efficiently—delivering better service for your customers. Better service yields better word of mouth, which will only help your new business grow.

Are you interested in giving your van a professional makeover? If so, give us a call at Auto Extras by dialling 1800 811 626 today.