Your source for disability driving aids in Brisbane is Auto Extras. The company has over 40 years of experience in delivering mobility solutions to clients throughout Queensland. The family owned company has earned a reputation as the expert in driving aids for those with mobility issues. Auto Extras has successfully completed a number of customised vehicle modifications, wheelchair accessible conversions, and seating solutions for individuals, families, and community groups.

There are a number of disability driving aids in Brisbane that Auto Extras can install in a vehicle. Some drivers may have to drive from their wheelchair. A lift can be installed to transfer the driver from outside the car to a position where he or she can operate the vehicle. Wheelchair restraints will be placed in the vehicle as a safety measure. Auto Extras can also add customised driving aids like a left foot accelerator. If a person cannot accelerate with the right foot, the vehicle can be set up so that acceleration is done by the left foot. It is one of the many modifications that Auto Extras can make to a vehicle.

Along with disability driving aids in Brisbane, Auto Extras also does custom fitouts for commercial vehicles of all sizes. The experienced staff can help make a fleet of vehicles much more efficient by adding van shelving, seats, cargo drawers and much more. Regardless of a customer’s need, Auto Extras will take the time to gain a thorough understanding of every client’s needs and develop effective solutions. Using the latest technology and skilled workmanship, Auto Extras has proven why it is the leader in mobility conversions and vehicle fitouts. For more information about what the company has to offer, visit