Find Your Way Back to Driving Independence, with Hand Controls for Cars and Other Mechanical Driving Aids in Brisbane

At Auto Extras, we have been working for 30 years to provide better driving aids to people living with paraplegia and other individuals who struggle with mobility issues. Our belief is that no injury should prevent you from being mobile. By implementing hand controls for cars in Brisbane, we help our clients find their way back to driving independence.

How Our Mechanical Driving Aids in Brisbane Work

As manufactured, automobiles are seldom designed with any form of paralysis in mind. Car companies simply don’t make vehicles meant for driving by people who have limited use of their legs or contend with other forms of low mobility. There seems to be a belief among the automobile community that if you can’t push the pedals, you can’t drive.

At Auto Extras, we have always rejected this belief wholeheartedly. Our hand controls for cars in Brisbane prove that virtually anyone can drive—with or without the use of their legs and with or without pushing the pedals. We install mechanical driving aids in Brisbane that makes driving easy and accessible for any client. If you only have limited use of your right leg, we can outfit your car with a left-foot accelerator so that you can adapt your driving habits to suit your needs. If you have limited use of both legs, meanwhile, we can modify your vehicle with intuitive hand controls so that you can relearn driving in a new way.

Our hand controls in Brisbane are not ‘one size fits all.’ On the contrary, we take care to make sure that we are meeting the unique needs of every client when we install these improvements. We will individually modify our hand controls so that they are ideally suited to your needs. Our mechanical driving aids in Brisbane include everything you need to drive your car independently—including controls for the accelerator, the brake, the headlights, the horns and indicators (such as turn signals, hazard lights and more).

Restore Your Independence by Getting Back to Driving

Driving is a huge part of independence. When you can drive, you can handle your own grocery shopping, take yourself to appointments with doctors and physical therapists, visit friends and family, go to work and more. There’s a huge degree of freedom that comes from being able to get behind the wheel and go as you please and as you need. It’s a freedom that you lose when you rely on family members, friends or aides to get you where you need to go.

When you collaborate with Auto Extras, we will do everything we can to restore your independence. With our intuitive, personalised driving aids in Brisbane, you can learn to operate your vehicle safely. We can install hand controls or alternative pedals on all vehicles. We are also happy to spend a significant amount of time with you so that we understand your needs and tailor our controls to suit them. If you are interested in learning more about what we do, give us a call on 1800 811 626.