Whether Vans Or Cars, Auto Extras Is The Choice For Handicap Accessible Vehicles In Brisbane

If you are in the market for handicap accessible vehicles in Brisbane, Auto Extras can be trusted to deliver real, practical solutions to drivers. The company believes that a mobility impairment shouldn’t stop a person with a handicap from living life to the fullest. With a staff that is committed to its clients, Auto Extras has been providing customised vehicle modifications and making wheelchair accessible conversions for over 40 years. The company also provides fitouts for commercial vehicles, installing items like shelving and additional seating on large fleets of vehicles as well as those for smaller businesses. The company remains dedicated to serving its clients, investing in the Brisbane community, and providing a rewarding occupation to its staff.

Making Handicap Accessible Vans In Brisbane

Auto Extras works with its clients to get a full understanding of what is needed in a vehicle. In making a van handicap accessible, a client will need to consider the extent of any disabilities. While some can get around without the help of a wheelchair all of the time, others rely on it. This will play a role in what is necessary for the vehicle. Those who require the chair all of the time will require some different modifications.

Lifts are an important feature, as they make life easier for any caregivers as well as for those using wheelchairs. Auto Extras offers clients a variety of lifts. Platform lifts are very convenient as the wheelchair can be pushed onto the platform and then the lift raised. The wheelchair is then pushed into the vehicle and secured for transport. Almost all of the lifts installed by Auto Extras use a four-button switch located outside the vehicle to control the lift.

The experienced staff can also add a number of modifications depending on the severity of any handicap and clients’ needs. Personnel transfer aides, like the Milford Person Lift, wheelchair restraints, swivel seats, and more can all be added to different vehicles. Custom options are available too, such as the left foot accelerator. What the modification, Auto Extras will take the time to understand each and every individual customer and his or her needs. With this information, the company can provide the best possible solutions.

Choose Auto Extras For Your Vehicle Modifications

Auto Extras has always been committed to its customers. The company’s mission is to provide quality service that includes fitouts and servicing of all types of vehicles. A wide variety of durable products are used by the company to modify vehicles, including van shelving, cargo drawers, as well as lifts and other mobility devices. In choosing to work with Auto Extras, you are working with a company that has a caring staff and makes every effort to understand what you are looking for in a handicap accessible vehicle.

Auto Extras uses the latest technology and workmanship to give its customers the best and most practical solutions. Whether it is making handicap accessible cars in Brisbane or fitting out a commercial fleet, clients can be confident that they will find a solution. For more information, visit the company website at auto-extras.com.au or call 1800 811 626.