Looking to Convert a Bus or Van into a Commercial Tour Bus? Count on Auto Extras for Your Fitouts and Conversions in Brisbane

Whether you are working with an old bus or a big Volkswagen van, if your goal is to convert it to a full-fledged commercial tour bus, then Auto Extras has the experience you need to get the job done. With 30 years of experience and a resume that includes tour bus conversions in Brisbane, we can help you achieve the kind of comfortable, passenger-focused vehicle that you need.

Features We Can Add to Your Tour Bus

When you think about riding on a tour bus, what features come to mind? Comfortable seating? Windows that maximise visibility, so that passengers have a good view of passing attractions? Perhaps something else?

Converting a van into a tour bus is challenging because the conversion is all about planning the overall customer experience. Say you are planning on hiring out your vehicle for bachelorette parties, wine tours, city tours for tourists or other similar services. You are trying to create an atmosphere of fun and leisure. You are working on providing an experience that your passengers will love and won’t soon forget.

When you work with Auto Extras for your tour bus fitouts in Brisbane, we will be thinking about those elements, too. We have worked with tour companies on their bus conversions in the past and know what ingredients are necessary to create a positive, memorable experience for passengers. Here are a few of the fitouts you can expect from our team:

  • Air conditioning: Summers in Brisbane get hot, so if you’re planning on providing summertime wine tours or wedding transportation, then air conditioning is an essential part of your Brisbane bus conversion.
  • Seating: No one will recommend your tour bus to friends if the seats are uncomfortable, smelly or stained. At Auto Extras, our tour bus fitouts in Brisbane incorporate new seating into your vehicle—so that you can be sure that all guests are as comfortable as possible.
  • Sound systems and PA systems: If you are chauffeuring party guests from one winery or brewery to the next, there’s a good chance they are going to want to play a few tunes to get in the party mood. If you are giving a tour of top Brisbane attractions, then a PA system is a must for ongoing tour commentary. Auto Extras can install both sound systems and PA systems as part of our bus conversions in Brisbane.
  • Interior lining: High quality lining of your van can create a pleasing, uniform look on the interior, maximise comfort and minimise road noise. If necessary, Auto Extras can replace the interior of your car with both wall and floor lining.
  • Lighting: If your tours are going to start early in the morning or end late at night, being able to switch on the lights so that passengers can find their seats or collect their belongings is essential.
  • Baggage restraints: Some clients will hire out a tour bus needing not only space for passengers, but for the passengers’ luggage as well. At Auto Extras, we can install dependable luggage restraints during our tour bus conversion work in Brisbane.

Schedule Your Tour Bus Fitouts in Brisbane Today

Are you interested in converting your van into a fully-fledged tour bus? Call Auto Extras today to learn more about our bus conversions in Brisbane, including the types of vans we can service. You can reach us on 1800 811 626.