Auto Extras believes that having a mobility issue should not stop anyone from living life to the fullest. The family owned company has been providing van mobility conversions in Brisbane for over 40 years and has gained a reputation as the area’s expert in doing so. Auto Extras works with disability based driving aids, helps to ensure wheelchair transportation, and installs transfer aids. With a team of creative and caring individuals, Auto Extras works proactively with each client to make sure they are provided with solutions that help them achieve mobility and a better lifestyle.


Auto Extras will take the time to completely understand your situation and the extent of the mobility issue. With that knowledge, the experienced staff can begin to develop some different options. Solutions may be different for those whose mobility challenge is less severe. Someone who needs to travel while staying in a wheelchair will require a different solution than someone who has more mobility.

Another factor to consider when thinking about a van mobility conversion in Brisbane is convenience. That includes convenience for the person with the mobility issue as well as any caregiver. The ease of transferring a person from a wheelchair to a car, for example, is a serious consideration and one that is addressed by Auto Extras. The company has a number of different lifts that do not require a caregiver to bend over or lift anything. Just roll the wheelchair onto the platform, press a button, and roll the wheelchair into the vehicle. Convenience is a huge factor when considering a van conversion.


With its years of experience, Auto Extras can make a number of modifications to most any vehicle. Personnel transfer aids are used for the safe and easy transfer from a wheelchair to a vehicle. The Milford Person Lift is a device that Auto Extras can install on most any vehicle – van or car – regardless of its size. Wheelchair loaders or hoists can be installed in vans primarily where the occupant will travel in the chair. In those cases, the van should be equipped with wheelchair restraints. The restraints are a safety measure to keep the chair, and the occupant, in place.

Auto Extras’ staff can also complete low floor conversions, add swivel seats (which allow for easy transfer in and out of vehicles), and even do custom additions like left side accelerators. Whatever the need that may arise, Auto Extras can customise to suit it.

In addition to vehicle mobility conversions in Brisbane, Auto Extras also performs customised vehicle fitouts for all sizes of businesses, from those with large fleets of vehicles to the sole trader. Again, Auto Extras takes the time to understand the needs of your business and designs solutions to make you and your workers more efficient and safe. With a range of durable products including van shelving, seats, cargo drawers, wall lining, and much more, Auto Extras is the company to call for your commercial vehicle fitouts.

For more information about Auto Extras, visit their website, auto-extras.com.au or call the company directly at 1800 811 626.