Need Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles In Brisbane? Auto Extras Can Convert Your Vans And Cars

The experts in equipping wheelchair accessible vehicles in Brisbane are the professionals at Auto Extras. The family owned business has built a reputation as experts in the field over the past 40 years. The company specialises in customised vehicle fit outs for a variety of businesses, large and small, as well as for families. Auto Extras has been able to become Queensland’s premier mobility solutions provider because of its commitment and passion for the people it serves.

What To Look For In Wheelchair Accessible Vans In Brisbane

If you or your business is in need of a wheelchair accessible van, there are a few things to consider before making a decision. If the vehicle is for you or a family member, consider the severity of the mobility challenge. While some may not rely completely on a wheelchair, others do. Auto Extras can help determine your needs. The caring experts take the time to learn as much as possible about each individual customer so they may come up with a series of options. Then, they can help customers make the best possible choice.

You should also think about convenience and practicality when thinking about wheelchair accessible vehicles. For example, will you or other passengers be travelling in the vehicle while still in a wheelchair? How easy will it be for persons to be transferred from a wheelchair to a vehicle? These types of questions, as well as considerations regarding future needs, can help Auto Extras come up with the perfect solution for you.

How Auto Extras Can Make Your Vehicle Wheelchair Accessible

The experts at Auto Extras perform a variety of modifications to make cars and vans wheelchair accessible. Transferring from a chair to a vehicle is an important part of accessibility. Auto Extras can install the Milford person lift, which allows for the safe and easy transfer of a wheelchair bound person to a seat in a vehicle. The lift will suit most any van or car. Wheelchair accessible cars in Brisbane are less common, but Auto Extras has the expertise to equip most any vehicle and make it compatible with those in a wheelchair.

Cars and vans can also be made wheelchair accessible by adding a loader or a hoist. Some vehicles, vans particularly, can be fitted out to allow a person to remain in a wheelchair while travelling. The chair and the person can be lifted into the van. While travelling, both the chair and the person need to be restrained for safety reasons. Auto Extras can equip a van so that it has the proper restraints. Along with restraints, the company’s experts also have the ability to add things such as swivel seats and a variety of custom additions such as a left foot accelerator. The staff at Auto Extras can assess a vehicle and determine the best course of action and best solution for each customer.

If you are looking to make a vehicle wheelchair accessible, visit the Auto Extras website,, or call the company directly at 1800 811 626.