Queensland’s leader in modifying wheelchair vehicles is Brisbane based Auto Extras. The company has been providing service and fit outs for commercial and personal vehicles for over 40 years. Auto Extras continues to provide outstanding work and exceptional service as well as continue to invest in its community. The company mission includes providing long-term, worthwhile employment for its staff as well. With four decades of experience, the company’s reputation speaks for itself.


Auto Extras can perform a variety of modifications to your vehicle including loaders, restraints, and transfer aids. Wheelchair loaders for your Brisbane vehicle make putting a chair or scooter inside very easy and convenient. There are different variants of loaders or hoists including solid, horizontal split, and vertical split. The professionals at Auto Extras can work with each individual customer to find out which type of loader would be best.

The company does a lot of customised work on vans and has a wealth of experience with wheelchair restraints. When travelling in a vehicle and remaining in a chair, a passenger needs to be restrained. There are two types of restraints, one for the wheelchair and another for the person. Auto Extras is equally skilled at installing both. A loader or hoist makes travel very convenient as someone who is bound to the wheelchair can be easily hoisted into the vehicle and does not need to be transferred to a seat in the vehicle. Installing wheelchair restraints for Brisbane customers is one of the things Auto Extras does best.

Auto Extras can also add a personnel transfer aid to a vehicle. The Milford person lift is a safe and secure method of transferring people from a wheelchair, for example. Someone who is wheelchair bound can be placed into the lift and transferred to just about any vehicle. The Milford system will work with just about any van, truck, or even car.

Swivel seats and low floor conversions are also on the Auto Extras list of services. Swivel seats are nice in that they can transfer people in and out of a vehicle with relative ease. Low floor conversions require some expertise, which Auto Extras has. The rear bumper and floor of a vehicle, usually a van, is cut out and replaced with a new, lower floor or a ramp.


If you are considering a loader or hoist for your vehicle, you are in good hands when you choose to work with Auto Extras. The experts at the company will talk with you to learn exactly what you want and need. This way they can help to customise a vehicle wheelchair loader and devise a solution for any individual, family, or community group.

Auto Extras will take you through all of the available options so that you can make the best decision with confidence. No matter the mobility solution needed, you can be assured that Auto Extras will offer the right outcome to suit your vehicle and your lifestyle. To find out more about how Auto Extras can help you, visit their website,