At Auto Extras, we have decades of experience in choosing and installing the best seats to suit our clients.

To ensure the highest quality, safety and longevity, we install seats manufactured by Tech Safe Seating.

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Boost your seating capacity on a budget by adding bench-style seating to your van.

Available as one, two or three-person seats, they fold forward for easy storage and are quick-release for fast removal.

Head rests and arm rests are optional extras, and we’ll upholster them to your requirements so you can match the existing trim in your van.

Safety Excel Van Seat

  • Single, double or triple place bench seat options
  • Head rests and arm rests are standards
  • Strong lightweight design
  • Forward-folding and quickly removable
  • Matching fabric (where available)
  • Fully integrated seatbelts
  • Child anchor points in every position

Premier Van Seat

  • Single, double or triple bench seat options
  • Forward-folding and quickly removable
  • Over-shoulder seat belts in all positions
  • Matching fabric (where available)
  • Child anchor points in every position

Classic Van Seat

  • Entry-level seating
  • Single, double or triple bench seat options
  • Grey fabric
  • Forward-folding and quickly removable
  • Child anchor points in every position
  • Semi-integrated seat belts (mounted to wall pillar of vehicle)

Centre Jump Seat

The centre jump seat is a great solution for tradespeople who need an additional seat in their van but can’t sacrifice space in the rear cargo area.

The same jump seat can also increase the seating capacity of some people-movers.


Do you need to carry additional people in your vehicle only every now and then? Side-folding seats are ideal for situations when seating requirements vary.

Side-folding seats are commonly used in vans with wheelchair positions and vans needing occasional storage area. This type of additional seating can be installed in all types of vans.


Coach seats are fixed seats, used to create minibuses or in wheelchair-accessible vans.

They come in a variety of styles that can be forward or rear-facing to allow for maximum seating capacity. Designed for comfort, they come with armrests, integrated seatbelts and reclining options.

To find out more about the best type of seating for your vehicle, get in touch.