Van Shelving and Racking

Get organised with our customised van racking and shelving. Whatever your business style or industry – sole trader to fleet, plumber to toy sales – efficiency is key.


We’ll customise a quality shelving system to your vehicle that ensures everything you need is right where you need it. Even better, because we contour to the shape of your van, we’ll optimise every inch of your vehicle’s space.

Better customer service and an improved professional image also mean your customers are left with a positive, lasting impression.

The Advantages

The advantages of installing van racks and shelving include:

  • fast and easy access to your cargo
  • better inventory control
  • maximised working space
  • enhanced professional image
  • customised and optimised space
  • custom-built fit-outs to suit your industry.

Thanks to our large range of shelves, plastic bin storage units and accessories, we can offer more than 20 different styles in our standard racking kits alone for you to choose from.

Our van shelving and racking is all Australian-designed and manufactured.

You can get in touch with us in 1800 811 626 or contact us