Modification Series: Driver Modification vs. Passenger Modifications

Auto Extras are the specialists in customised mobility solutions for both drivers and passengers. Whether for yourself, or for someone under your care, Auto Extras have the extensive knowledge and experience to find options that will meet your needs and budget.

Read on to learn about some of the common driver modifications and passenger modifications we can make to create disability vehicles that are comfortable, effective and safe.

Driver Vehicle Modifications

Auto Extras are here to help put you in the driver’s seat, with options that allow you to drive autonomously with peace of mind.

We offer a wide range of driving aids that includes hand controls, foot controls and steering devices. From mechanical controls that allow left- or right-handed control of the brake and accelerator, to spinner controls, left foot accelerators, and custom cushions, pedal extensions and air bag isolators to aid drivers in reaching their brake and accelerator pedals.

The Wymo Roof-Mounted Wheelchair Hoist is a great option for drivers who are looking for a practical way to transport their wheelchair while keeping it easily accessible. Your wheelchair can be mounted on either the driver or passenger side of the roof, freeing up precious boot space, and is delivered to your vehicle’s door using a simple hand control.

Passenger Vehicle Modifications

Transporting people with limited mobility and their wheelchairs can put strain on carers, however Auto Extras’ range of wheelchair lifts and cranes takes the hassle and effort out of wheelchair stowage.

The Bruno Joey Platform Lift makes loading electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters a breeze. Its drive-on and drive-off functionality makes it easy to use, and the compact design frees up seating space within your vehicle.

Transfer aids such as the Milford Person Lift make vehicle access effortless, eliminating strain on both carer and client. The lift is designed to fit most cars, from two-door vehicles through to large sedans. Other options include turny seats and tip-up plates, as well as a large selection of steps, rails and grab-handles to easily access vehicles with high ground clearance, such as vans and minibuses. Our friendly team can advise you on the best choices to suit your requirements.

We also offer user-friendly wheelchair loaders, wheelchair conversions and low floor conversions for those wanting to travel in their wheelchair. Our wheelchair restraints keep both you and your wheelchair

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