Hand Controls For Disabled Drivers

Auto Extra have decades of experience in specifying and installing mobility driving aids in Brisbane. We also regularly liaise with government funding and insurance companies, so you’re guaranteed the most hassle free process. Here we’ll discuss hand control options and what might work for you, however, you can be assured Auto Extras works closely with occupational therapists to achieve the best possible results for each client. We also have a wide range of foot controls, steering devices and voice control for those who are looking for an alternative to hand controls.

1. Mechanical Hand Controls

Vehicle hand controls for braking and accelerating are manufactured with mechanical linkages to allow for left- or right-handed control of the brake and accelerator. Auto Extras offers two variations of mechanical hand controls, with each having the choice of a trigger action and radial action mechanical accelerators. All of our hand controls are designed for natural, low fatigue operation.

2. Push/Pull Hand Controls

The push/pull system is used by pushing to brake and pulling towards you to accelerate. In addition to this, a system with indicators, windscreen wipers and a horn can be installed with the hand controls. This will allow you to use these functions, whilst still having the security of not having to take your hand off the controls.

3. Push-Pat Hand Controls

Push-pat hand controls are very similar to the push/pull hand controls, but push-pat operates in a radial motion. This means you push towards the dash for the brakes, and pat/downward push for acceleration. Both options are popular with quadriplegics, and are also a solution for drivers with very limited to no dexterity. The choice between push/pat and push/pull would be based upon your mobility, and what the occupational therapist determines is the best option.

Hand Controls

4. Spinner Knobs & Handles

Spinner knobs and handles are a great option for those who just need a better grip on the steering wheel, right through to operating up to 20 vehicle accessories. Auto Extras offers a range of spinner knobs, including:

  • Standard Spinner Knob
    • Provides extra grip and security when steering
    • Quick-release design means the spinner is able to be removed in no time and replaced just as easily
  • Mono Spin Spinner
    • Single rod design to be held upright in the hand as an alternative to a traditional spinner knob
    • Range of colours are available to suit any interior
  • Tri-Spin Spinner
    • Three rod design, one to grasp and two others to stabilize and support the wrist whilst driving
    • Driver’s hand is prevented from being removed from the device; however, the driver is free to move their hand up and out of the device at any time
  • Easy Spin RF360
    • Operate up to either 12 or an optional 20 functions over two driving modes
    • Utilises PME Spinmaster steering wheel clamp, with easy release for unrestricted access for other drivers of the vehicle
  • Logensons Lollipop Grip Multi-Function
    • Easy access to indicators, horn, wipers and lights using a texting style keypad
    • Incorporate a self-cancelling function which makes them very user-friendly
    • Auto Extras have a van permanently fixed with a Lollipop Grip at the workshop should you wish to view and or trial a Lollipop Grip

No matter the modification, we can help!

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