Driving aids

Thanks to our decades of experience in specifying and installing driving aids, we have a wide range of hand controls, foot controls and steering devices for you to choose from.

We are also the experts in disability driving aids. We work closely with driving occupational therapists to achieve the best possible results and liaise regularly with all government funding and insurance companies.

These positive relationships, along with our experience, means you can trust us to advise you on the right solution for your vehicle, your mobility needs and your budget.

Just talk to us on 1800 811 626 or fill out a contact form. We’re here to help.

Mechanical hand controls

Vehicle hand controls for braking and accelerating are manufactured with mechanical linkages to allow for left- or right-handed control of the brake and accelerator.

Our hand controls are certified to Australian Standard 3954.2 for our customers’ optimal safety and we meet all safety standards.

All of our hand controls are designed for natural, low-fatigue operation.

We offer two variations of mechanical hand controls. Each has the choice of trigger action and radial action mechanical accelerators.

Push-pat hand controls (radial)

The push-pat system operates with two actions: a push towards the dash when applying the brakes and a pat/downward push to accelerate.

Push-pull hand controls

The push-pull system operates with a push to brake and a pull towards the driver to accelerate.

An additional system with indicators, windscreen wipers and a horn can be installed with the hand controls. This means you can use these functions without taking your hand off the controls.

Electronic drive controls

We offer a range of electronic hand controls to suit vehicles with knee air bags.

Contact us about the different options that might suit your vehicle and physical requirements.


The left foot accelerator is a simple yet effective way to assist people with limited or no use of their right leg to accelerate with their left leg.

We offer both mechanical and electronic versions.

Interested? We’ll need to assess your vehicle to ensure there is sufficient space to install a new accelerator.

Call us on 1800 811 626.


We offer a range of spinner devices, ranging from a standard knob through to models with electronic functions.

Our options include:

  • Standard spinner knob
  • Mono-spin spinner
  • Tri-spin spinner
  • Easy Spin RF360
  • Logensons Lollipop Grip Multi-Function.


Pedal extensions are specially designed to help people shorter in stature to reach the brake and accelerator pedals.

This product is designed to be installed into most vehicles and can be tailored to suit each person’s size.

We also supply custom cushions and air bag isolators for people who are small in stature.

We have the expertise and experience to advise you on the right driving ages for your mobility needs and for your vehicle.

To find out more, call us on 1800 811 626 or fill out a contact form.