Wheelchair conversions

We are one of the leading experts in Brisbane, Australia, when it comes to Wheelchair conversions and Engineering, including setting up wheelchair loaders and van ramps. If you prefer to travel in your wheelchair or scooter inside your vehicle, a wheelchair loader will make your transition from van to ground (and back again) as easy as possible.

The loader lifts you from the ground to van height. Then, you simply wheel your chair in and lock it down safely for your journey.

Carers also tell us that this is their preferred method of loading as it doesn’t require bending or pushing the wheelchair up a ramp.

We have a wide range of quality wheelchair loaders, with variants including:

  • solid platforms
  • vertical split platforms
  • horizontal split platforms.

Your choice of platform will sometimes be dictated by the tailgate opening of your vehicle, and most of our designs come with a four-button switch that is operated from outside the vehicle.

We carry out wheelchair conversion work for families and community transport organisations.

Talk to us about how we can meet your specific requirements. Phone 1800 811 626 or contact us.