Multi-Function Spinner-Grips

Auto Extras supply and install the Lodgesons Spinner-Grip product range.

The Lodgesons Spinner-Grip range offers two styles of Spinner Grips, the Lollipop Grip, and the Spinning Ball Grip. Both styles are compatible with the Multi-Function Key Pad.

The Spinner Grips provide the client with safe and easy access to their indicators, horn, wipers and lights using a texting style keypad. The indicators also incorporate a self-cancelling function which makes them very user-friendly.

A new Mini Key Pad style is now available to be positioned on the braking arm of the hand controls which will enable better control of the lights and other functions without having to remove a hand from the grip.

The Lodgesons Spinner-Grip range of products are compatible with all Australian, European and Japanese vehicles. Auto Extras are able to install this modification in the one day.

Auto Extras have a van permanently fixed with a Spinner-Grip at the workshop should a client wish to view and or trial a Spinner-Grip. Contact us to make an appointment at any time.

Alternatively, you can catch up with us at the ATSA Stand 230 at the Royal National Exhibition on the 24th of this month.

Thank you and we will stay in touch.


Hand Controls

Lollipop Grip

Hand Controls

Spinning Ball Grip