Our Top 3 Types Of Transfer Aids

Are you in need of reliable mobility equipment and transfer aids? 

At Auto Extras, we have extensive experience creating custom mobility solutions to make cars more accessible for drivers and passengers with a disability. 

There are several types of transfer aids designed for people with disabilities and their carers to aid in the transfer from one position to another. As experts in mobility solutions and transfer aids, we’ve outlined our ‘Top 3 Types Of Transfer Aids’ in the following blog article. 

Top 3 Types Of Transfer Aids


Turny Seat

A Turny seat makes it easy to transfer from your car to your wheelchair. Suitable for vans and 4WDs, the Turny Seat electronically turns out of the vehicle and drops down to the appropriate transfer height for the wheelchair.

To keep seat heights right inside the vehicle, all of the swivel seats are combined with a low-profile seat, such as the BEV-seat or the Recaro Specialist L seat. In most vehicles, it’s not possible to use the original seat, so we’ll include in our quote the right option for you.

Before we quote, we’ll assess your vehicle and your needs to ensure that we give you the best solution for your mobility and lifestyle needs.


Milford Hoist

Mounted to the vehicle, the Milford Person Lift provides comfortable, safe and easy transfer into your car, without putting any strain on either the carer or client.

Thanks to multiple pivot points on the lifting arm and extra bearing capacity, the Milford Person Lift makes it very easy to move sideways and place with accuracy.  Movements up and down are operated via a hand-held control.

Designed to suit most cars, the Milford Person Lift fits cars from the smallest two-and three-door vehicles right up to medium and large sedans. All you need is a mounting post installed by the passenger door opening, which we’ll fit as part of your installation.

Electric Transfer Plate

The transfer plate acts as a bridge between the seat and the wheelchair, making it easy to transfer in and out from your car to your wheelchair.

To get into the vehicle the plate is powered up or down to a height similar to that of the wheelchair that the user is transferring from. The user can then lift themselves easily onto the plate.

The plate is then raised up or down until it is a similar height to the vehicle’s seat, and the user can easily transfer into the seat. The plate is then simply folded up to a vertical position, where it can remain whilst driving.

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