Welcome 2018

Welcome back to another year in the world of automotive modification. It is always dynamic and interesting and 2018 promises to be the same.

This time of year usually involves reflecting on the previous year and finding ways to improve the future. The question we are pondering is,

“How can we improve our customers’ experience? Is it as stream-lined and smooth-sailing as we can possibly make it?

We all have busy lives and things to do. So it’s really important. Let’s face it we live in a want-it/ get-it world. Instant gratification is only just soon enough.

But in the boutique industry of bespoke the process is pains-taking. Customisation doesn’t happen on a high-speed production line. Delays seem to be inevitable at times due to the laborious fine-tuning of specialised equipment.

But then all that effort has its reward when we see our customers’ delight.

“Now, can we surprise and delight them even more this year?” If you have any suggestions for us, we’d love to hear from you. Email us or call in anytime.