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Enhancing Mobility for Disabled Drivers with Hand Controls


Driving is a crucial aspect of independence, allowing individuals to access their workplace, education, and social activities. However, for people with disabilities, driving can be a challenge. Fortunately, with advancements in technology, specially designed hand controls can help disabled drivers get back behind the wheel. In this blog, we will discuss how hand controls can enhance mobility for disabled drivers.

1. Mechanical Hand Controls:

Mechanical hand controls are designed to allow left or right-handed control of the brake and accelerator. At Auto Extras, we offer two variations of mechanical hand controls with a trigger action and radial action mechanical accelerators. Our hand controls are designed to provide natural, low fatigue operation.

2. Push/Pull Hand Controls:

The push/pull hand control system is used by pushing to brake and pulling towards you to accelerate. By installing a push/pull system, drivers can use indicators, wipers and a horn while keeping their hands on the controls, providing greater security.

3. Push-Pat Hand Controls:

Push-pat hand controls are similar to the push/pull hand controls, but they operate in a radial motion. This means you push towards the dash for brakes and pat/downward push for acceleration. Push-pat controls are ideal for quadriplegics and drivers with very limited to no dexterity.

4. Spinner Knobs & Handles:

Spinner knobs and handles provide a better grip on the steering wheel and can operate up to 20 vehicle accessories. At Auto Extras, we offer a range of spinner knobs, including standard spinner knobs, mono-spin spinner, tri-spin spinner, Easy Spin and Logensons Lollipop Grip Multi-Function.

In conclusion, if you’re a disabled driver, hand controls can provide you with the freedom and independence you need to get back behind the wheel. At Auto Extras, we have decades of experience in specifying and installing mobility driving aids in Brisbane. We work closely with occupational therapists to achieve the best possible results for each client. Contact us today, and we’ll help you find the right hand controls to enhance your mobility and provide you with the freedom to drive again.

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