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Mastering Vehicle Hand Controls: Your Ultimate Guide


For people with disabilities, accessing standard model cars can be a challenge. Many are forced to rely solely on accessible taxis and public transport to get around. However, there are ways to modify cars to make them more accessible for drivers and passengers with disabilities. Rapidly improving technologies mean that more and more people with disabilities are now able to drive independently, providing freedom and independence for many people living with a disability and their families.

To help make understanding vehicle hand controls a little easier, we’ve put together a ‘Must Know Guide To Vehicle Hand Controls’. One of the most common methods of vehicle modification is the installation of vehicle hand controls. These controls provide paraplegics and people with reduced leg mobility freedom through the ability to drive.

When choosing vehicle hand controls, it is important to consult an expert who will help you determine the right type of hand controls for your vehicle and the nature of your disability. Luckily, there is a wide range of vehicle hand controls available to meet the needs of every driver, maximizing driver safety and proficiency.

Mechanical hand controls allow drivers to brake and accelerate more efficiently. Hand driving controls are the most common driving control, as they transfer functions normally accessed by the feet to hand control. There are a range of mechanical hand controls available for installation into a vehicle, including over ring hand controls which are mounted onto the steering wheel, push-pull and push-pat triggers which allow acceleration and braking by a simple hand movement, and satellite controls which are worn by the driver like a glove.

A keypad control allows people with restricted mobility to operate the secondary functions of a car safely with one hand. The keypad controls allow the user to easily operate the vehicle’s indicators, headlights, wipers, and horn.

Often a person’s ability to engage with the steering wheel is affected by their disability. Auto Extras can supply a range of options to assist with this, from a simple spinner knob to bespoke steering aids tailor-made to suit a specific disability. With rapidly improving technologies, more and more people with disabilities are now able to drive independently, and Auto Extras is proud to have the expertise and experience to provide drivers with the right mobility driving aids for their mobility needs.

In conclusion, vehicle hand controls are an excellent solution for people with disabilities who want to drive independently. With the right modifications, anyone can enjoy the freedom and independence of driving. Consult with an expert to determine the best hand controls for your specific needs and make sure to choose a reputable company with experience in installing vehicle hand controls.

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