5 Button Module

Hand Controls & Driver Assistance


Designed to accompany your choice of hand control with exclusive features such as self-cancelling indicators. High involvement situations like freeway exits, round-abouts and merging lanes require a lot of control and concentration, and when using a spinner knob and hand controls indicating can be difficult.


Reduce the movement, and reduce the risk, involved in indicating

This modification simplifies indicating to ensure that the disabled driver can simultaneously accelerate and brake, steer and indicate with confidence. The indicators are controlled via simple push buttons conveniently located within easy reach of the user’s thumb. Once the maneuver has been made and the steering wheel straightened, the indicators switch off, just as in your original system. It features a manual cancelling button for situations such as lane changing.


Horn, lights and wipers within reach

The device can also optionally include access to other secondary functions including the horn, headlights (low beam, high beam and flash) and wipers (wash, low and high) The electronic indicator system can be installed on any vehicle with hand controls and the existing system remains the same to allow for conventional operation of the indicators and accessories.

  • Accessory for use with hand controls
  • Back-lit icons
  • Adaptable and Versatile
  • Custom Configurations
  • Easy access to the functions you need