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This aftermarket automated power tailgate lift system allows for easy opening and closing of your tailgate with just the push of a button. It not only adds security but also enhances your vehicle’s value. This tailgate lifting solution is ideal for all members of the family and is especially beneficial for those who require assistance with the tailgate.

Our newly designed liftgate system takes your current manual gas struts and turns them into power operated ones, making your life easier. We make use of many of your car’s original features, such as:

  • Remote Control – supports original remote key fob to open/close tailgate
  • Button Control – supports front dash button and rear button to open/close tailgate
  • Adjustable Height – Customisable tailgate height, adaptable to your desired height
  • Safety Guard – it’s advanced technology restricts to open only when car is in park
  • Weather Proof – work in all climates and weather conditions, operation temperatures range -30° celsius to 65° celsius .
  • Remote Control
  • Button Control
  • Adjustable Height
  • Safety Guard
  • Weather proof

Wired Tailgate Opener

1.618 MB