Carolift 100 Hoist

Internal Wheelchair Stowage


Carolift 100 Hoist

Description The Carolift 100 hoist was designed to be simple to use yet powerful enough to lift any wheelchair, scooter or other mobility device weighing up to 100 kg into the boot of your car. You control the hoist via an intuitive four-button hand control, and it does its job in about a minute.

Via the hand control, the Carolift 100 hoist does all the heavy work for you. It lifts and rotates the cargo into the boot of your car. All you need to do is lend a slight guiding hand. The Carolift 100 hoist does its job very quickly. Loading or unloading your mobility device can be done in around a minute. All movement is at a smooth and constant pace, you’ll be in total control all the time. The clever design of the Carolift 100 shines through in its ease of use. Open your boot, deploy the lift over your mobility device and lower the lift arm. Once within reach, you connect the clever lifting straps. Use as much slack as you need to fit the buckle on the mobility device. Pulling on the loop will tighten both sides simultaneously. No need to be concerned if one side of the strap is longer than the other. The Carolift 100 automatically balances the load once it is lifted off the ground.

  • Lift up to 100 kg
  • Powered lifting and electric swivel
  • Easy installation thanks to smart mounting base
  • Operate via control on the hoist or smartphone app
  • Vehicle maintains full seating capacity
  • Suitable for most vehicle makes and models.
  • Lift Capacity: 80 kg – 100 kg
  • Weight : 22.8 kg (Including mounting bracket)
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Swivel Degree: 360°