Easyspin RF360

Steering Aids & Spinner Knobs


The Easyspin RF360 is a one-handed steering device; operating your commonly used accessories, from indicators to Windscreen Washers, from a comfortable spinner knob control unit.

The user can alter the button configuration at any time to suit their needs. Simultaneously holding two buttons for a couple of seconds will instantly swap their functions. Any button, any function, total flexibility. The design of the Easyspin RF360 with its integrated buttons and unique hammerhead shape has been created specifically to fit your hand’s ergonomics.

Option to operate up to 6 functions – Indicators, Horn, High Beam, Wipers and Windscreen Wash.

  • Ergonomic shape and soft overlay rubber grip for your comfort
  • Superior durability and gripping strength without damaging your steering wheel
  • Quick release function allowing unrestricted access for other drivers
  • Strong, robust design, constructed from heavy-duty mining-grade injection moulded glass filled UV resistant nylon to withstand years of regular use
  • 2 years battery life with LED low battery warning light, easily accessed battery slide and life-extending sleep mode
  • Commonly coupled with one of our left foot accelerator systems
  • Available in a range of colours to suit any interior
  • Australian Made