Electronic Ghost Ring Accelerator

Hand Controls & Driver Assistance


The Ghost Ring is an innovative and revolutionary accelerating system mounted directly underneath the steering wheel. The Ghost allows the user to accelerate by simply performing a natural rotary (clockwise/anti-clockwise) movement. Both hands remain on the wheel meaning greater control of the vehicle and access to accessories.

Accompanied by a brake grip which contours to the vehicles outer radius of the steering wheel, giving you the ultimate palm on and off style braking and more two hands on the wheel driving experience. Popular with driving enthusiasts, this driving position allows for easy access to secondary functions such as the indicators, headlights, gearstick and horn while maintaining control of the steering wheel and accelerator. For the user this means there is no need for a steering knob or additional accessory controls, allowing for smooth, unrestricted driving.

The system operates via a dedicated programmable CPU that directly interfaces with the vehicle’s existing drive-by-wire accelerator system. This translates into fluid and responsive acceleration unmatched by other mechanical-type hand controls. Braking operates by way of a custom PME push handle situated behind and to the side of the steering wheel. In the event of the accelerator and brake being operated at the same time, a security system automatically cancels the acceleration.

This conversion is one of the most aesthetically pleasing. The Ghost Ring is completely hidden away from sight, blending in with the vehicle’s interior to give a factory finish look. If you have driven with conventional type hand controls you will definitely not be disappointed with the latest technology Ghost electronic accelerator ring system.

  • Secured to the wheel with four discrete interlocking straps
  • Designed with attention to detail and manufactured using high quality components
  • Relax while driving using the smooth and responsive action of the Ghost ring
  • Can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles including high performance vehicles such as rally/race cars
  • Interchangeable from vehicle to vehicle
  • Can easily be switched between 2 driving modes, City and Sport, to suit the desired rate of acceleration in any driving conditions
  • Access and control of secondary functions
  • Vehicle can be driven conventionally
  • Fully electronic or electromechanical system