Fadiel Brake Lever

Brake Levers

Product Code: FS2001


The manually commanded lever service brake has been designed to enable you to activate the brake pedal by using only your upper limbs. The lever has been designed and produced with an excellent ratio between strength and resistance, therefore guaranteeing better and more effective braking with minimum effort.

With its innovative shape and exclusive design it fits into any type of vehicle.

The lever is ergonomically contoured, easing access into the driver’s side, without being a hindrance: the knee can move easily in front of the lever handgrip.

It can be further equipped with an accelerator device and 5-button control panel.

  • Left- or right-hand versions
  • Changeable end knob for greater customisation
  • Ergonomic & versatile accelerator trigger
  • Smooth acceleration with minimal fatigue
  • Acceleration safety cut-out mechanism
  • Brake lock feature
  • Compatible with original electronics
  • Suitable for fitment (and re-fit) in all types of vehicles
  • Easily turned off enabling regular foot operation
  • Knee airbag compatibility
  • Colours available: Black, Carbon, Pink, Silver, Walnut