Feal Fixed Portable Ramp

Portable Ramps


If you’re looking for a ramp that perfectly matches your requirements, Feal Fixed Portable Ramps have got you covered. Available in multiple sizes, these ramps have been designed with unique grip areas that make them convenient to move around. They are also slip-resistant, ensuring that you can easily navigate up and down the ramp without any hassle.

With new handles, transporting the ramp is much easier. The handles can be folded against the side of the ramp, making it compact and taking up minimal space. Additionally, the handles can be disassembled or moved to either side. The Feal Fixed Portable Ramp comes with new profiles and perforated surfaces, and its weight has been reduced by 10% compared to other Feal ramps.

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Unique grip areas
  • Slip-resistant ramp
  • Ultimate grip when rolling up and down
  • Easy to carry
  • New handles
  • The handles can fold, be disassembled & move to different sides
  • New ramp profiles
  • Perforated surface for better grip
  • 10% lighter than other products
  • Three models: 11068 X050, 11070 X100, 11072 XW100
  • 11068 X050

Length: 55cm
Weight: 1.5kg
Maximum Load: 200kg
Inside Width: 21cm
Recommended Maximum Height: 10cm


  • 11070 X100

Length: 116cm
Maximum load: 200kg
Inside Width:21cm
Recommended Maximum Height: 20cm


  • 11072 XW100

Length: 106cm
Weight: 3.5kg
Maximum load: 200kg
Inside Width: 27cm
Recommended Maximum Height: 20cm