Feal Telescopic Extendable Portable Ramp

Portable Ramps

Product Code: T90 / T120 / T200 / T200-3 / T300


The Telescopic Ramps are lightweight, strong, with a superb slip resistance.  They have a carry handle and transport safety.

All ramps come in pairs.

  • Non-slip surface
  • Unique lock feature
  • Lowest possible weight
  • T90

Weight: 5.6kg

Min Length: 0.58m

Max Length: 0.90m

Max Load: 200kg

  • T120

Weight: 5.6kg

Min Length: 0.75m

Max Length: 1.19m

Max Load: 200kg

  • T200

Weight: 5.6kg

Min Length: 1.16m

Max Length: 2.02m

Max Load: 150kg

  • T200-3

Weight: 6.5kg

Min Length: 0.87m

Max Length: 2.07m

Max Load: 150kg

  • T300

Weight: 8.2kg

Min Length: 1.16m

Max Length: 2.88m

Max Load: 125kg