Guidosimplex Electronic Satellite Wireless Accelerator

Hand Controls & Driver Assistance

Product Code: Guidosimplex


Lightweight and versatile hand controls. A small and intuitive device for smooth and effortless operation of the accelerator using just the tip of your finger.

Take command of your vehicle with a two-hands-on-the-wheel driving style and a contoured brake bar for ultimate control at your fingertips.

This system has its own dedicated CPU which communicates with your vehicles electronic throttle wirelessly allowing for smooth, progressive and precise accelerator control.

Used in conjunction with the contoured brake bar your driving controls are never out of reach or difficult to use.

The wireless operation allows for unrestricted movement but remains slimline and does not feel bulky on your hand. This benefits the user with and unobtrusive install that does not get in the way when transferring into your vehicle. Furthermore, the compact nature of this system means that it does not interfere with knee airbags.

By communicating with the vehicles factory systems we are able to include critical safety features such as over-riding the throttle whenever brakes are applied via the contoured brake bar.

  • Smooth, low effort and low fatigue electronic accelerator
  • Can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles
  • Interchangeable from vehicle to vehicle
  • 2 sizes available – Standard & XL
  • Wireless operation with long battery life
  • Charge with accessories power or power bank
  • Slimline battery pack and transmitter
  • Adjustable strap to suit different hand sizes
  • Can easily be switched between 2 driving modes, City and Sport, to suit the desired rate of acceleration in any driving conditions
  • Available in both Left or Right Hand Configurations
  • Easy access and control of secondary functions
  • Knee Airbag Compatible Installation