Mono-Spin Spinner Knob

Steering Aids & Spinner Knobs


The PME Spinmaster Mono-Spin assists drivers with impaired hand function or in any one handed steering application. It features a single rod design to be held upright in the hand as an alternative to a traditional spinner knob.

Designed with a smooth lip to secure the user’s hand and adjustable to suit varying hand heights, the Mono-Spin is both comfortable and easy to drive with. With its strong robust design, constructed from heavy-duty mining-grade injection moulded glass filled nylon, the Mono-Spin will withstand years of regular use and is incredibly light.

  • – Quick Release mechanism: Unique design is safe, reliable and really easy to use – remove and refit simply with the touch of a button
  • – Bearings: Two quality free-running ball racers for smooth, reliable operation
  • – World renowned Spinmaster steering wheel clamp: Known for providing superior durability and gripping strength without damaging your steering wheel
  • – A range of colours are available to suit any interior.
  • – Constructed from heavy-duty mining-grade injection moulded glass filled nylon to withstand years of regular use.


Colour options: Available in a variety of colour combinations

  • Grip design
  • One handed operation
  • Made in Australia