Side Entry Underbody Lifter – Autolift

Side Entry Underbody Lifter

Product Code: Autolift F6


The Autolift F6 Underfloor Lift is a fully automatic underfloor cassette lift designed to transfer a wheelchair occupant in and out of the vehicle. It features a robust cassette that is installed underneath the vehicle meaning you can utilize the full space inside of the vehicle for passengers and luggage!



  • Hydraulic and electric operation
  • 4 buttons corded remote
  • Wireless remote available as option
  • Suitable for VW T5/T6 and Mercedes Benz Vito or similar vehicle
  • Platform size : 1160mm x 760mm
  • Loading Capacity : 300kg
  • Max floor height : 565mm
  • Total cassette thickness: 65mm
  • Unit weight: 140kg
  • Electrical system : 12-24 Volt
  • Emergency Manual Pump