Standard Spinner Knob

Steering Aids & Spinner Knobs


This device enables smooth, comfortable one-handed use of the steering wheel. It is perfect for anyone with impaired hand function, or who needs to operate other driving controls with the other hand.

The PME Spinmaster can also be fitted with:

  • – The PME Easyspin wireless control module: This enables the steering hand to also control secondary functions like indicators (self-canceling), headlights and horn.
  • – Other orthopeaedic fittings: The knob can be replaced by a variety of handles to suit different physical limitations.


The PME Spinmaster features a quick release system allowing for fast, easy removal and interchange of the spinner knob with our orthopedic devices. The simple push button release mechanism can be operated with one hand without difficulty.

The PME Spinmaster’s unique clamshell base means that it causes no damage to the steering wheel. Installation is easy and secure due to the patented design, offering a large 3″ clamping surface.

Features include:

  • – Quick Release mechanism: Unique design is safe, reliable and really easy to use – remove and refit simply with the touch of a button
  • – Bearings: Two quality free-running ball racers for smooth, reliable operation
  • – Finish: Leather grain etching to match vehicles décor
  • – Super clamping jaws: Wont move once fitted
  • – Large clamping surface : Won’t damage steering wheel
  • – Quality materials: Injection-molded glass filled durable nylon components as used by mining companies for heavy duty applications
  • Ergononic Design
  • One-Handed Operation
  • Combine with other driving controls