Electronic Easy Drive Accelerator & Brake

Hand Controls & Driver Assistance


The Easy Drive can be configured with 3 accelerator options:


Push lever to brake, pull lever to accelerate


Push lever to brake, radial action to accelerate

Floor Brake with Satellite

Push lever to brake, and can be paired with wired or wireless satellite accelerator.


All Easy Drive units are push lever to brake, and incorporate an in-built brake lock mechanism.

The Easy Drive come standard with 2 buttons, one for horn and a choice for the second function, however it can be optioned with optional keypad which provides ability for additional functions of lights, indicator and horn.

  • Easy brake & accelerator function
  • Non intrusive in the cabin area
  • Vehicle retains full steering adjustment
  • Knee airbag remains
  • Low arm stress
  • Good visuals
  • Multi-function keypad for lights, indicator and horn available

Brand: Fadiel Italiana



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