Mechanical Push-Pull Accelerator & Brake

Hand Controls & Driver Assistance


The conventional hand controls have been the traditional way to operate the vehicle using your right hand. It’s simple yet effective design has been helping wheelchair users on the roads for many years with two control variations, either the push/pull or push/pat design.

The Push/Pull hand control is installed off the steering wheel and its handle is pushed forwards to brake and pulled towards yourself to accelerate the vehicle.

Electronic boxes are available to be wired into the handles of both designs giving you the options of indicators, headlights, wind-screen wipers or horn while you are driving the vehicle.

  • Universal fitting design made to suit nearly any vehicle
  • Push forwards to brake and pull to accelerate
  • Indicators, headlights, windscreen wipers and horn can be wired into the handle
  • Operated with your right hand
  • Recommended for use with automatic vehicles only


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