Powered Turn Out Seat Turnout Evo

Powered Turn Out Seats


Programmable Lowering Swivel Seat System for transferring into your vehicl

The BraunAbility Turny Evo is a fully automatic, programmable swivel seat where all movements are operated by the hand held remote.

The unique feature of the Turny Evo is its programmable movement path. This allows the Turny Evo to be individually tailored to each user/vehicle combination and enables many driver’s side installations.

The Turny Evo brings the seat completely out of the vehicle, giving the occupant ample transfer space to get seated.

Once seated, the Turny Evo will lift you to a safe position inside the vehicle.

It is recommended to be used with one of our low-profile seats so that you can optimise the head and knee room when inside the vehicle.


Seats Available to fit onto the Turny Evo:

  • Fully powered swivel, lowering outside of the vehicle
  • Programmable movement providing additional head and leg space
  • Total user weight capacity of 160kgs
  • Up to 390mm of vertical travel
  • Programmable movements path
  • Full backrest adjustability
  • Powered forwards and backwards movement once inside the vehicle
  • Can be combined with Carony to eliminate any lifting during the transfer
  • Inbuilt footrest for easier transfer

Turny Evo Spec Sheet

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