AL435 Ute Mounted Wheelchair Hoist

External Wheelchair Stowage

Product Code: AL435


The AL435 powered-boom maneuvers even large power wheelchairs or scooters into small vehicle openings. More versatile and flexible, for use inside a van, SUVs and utes. The AL435 provides fully powered lifting, boom extension, and rotation for the easiest and most effortless loading. The power extend function allows for precise positioning while rotating into a tight cargo area.

Pendant Controller:

  • Easy-to-grip base with soft, non-slip rubber coating
  • Backlit buttons for night use
  • Built-in LED flash light to assist with visibility while loading
  • On-Off button with shut-off timer to prevent unintended activation
  • Magnetic backing for convenient stowage
  • Attractive, modern aesthetics
  • Power lifting, extension, and rotation
  • Simplified base fits in a smaller footprint
  • Passenger or driver side installation
  • Weather-resistant hand control
  • Universal base adapter included

Lifting Capacity: 400 lb (181 kg)