Turn Out Seat Manual

Powered Turn Out Seats


The BraunAbility Turny Manual allows the seat to be rotated towards the door opening and then partly extended over the sill. As the name suggest the Turny Manual is a hand operated swivel base.

During the swivelling part of the operation, the user’s head will be inside the vehicle. Not until the Turny Manual is extended, will the user pass through the door opening. This gives the care giver more control of the situation and making the procedure more comfortable for the user.

The lengthwise adjustment of the Turny Manual has three positions. Two of them are 8 cm apart. These can be used as comfort adjustment of the seat inside the car. The third position allows the seat to move and additional 16 cm when extending.

Turny Manual is specifically made for the Carony 16″ and has several features that makes installation quick and easy.

  • Made for Carony 16″
  • Slim design
  • 8 cm comfort adjustment
  • 16 cm extension