Wymo Hoist

External Wheelchair Stowage


The Wymo Hoist is a reliable and secure wheelchair stowage solution designed to effortlessly load a wheelchair onto the roof of a vehicle. The client can transfer from the chair to the driver’s seat and then load the wheelchair on the roof. The Wymo is suitable for collapsible chairs only. With its standard inertia reel fail-safe feature, it ensures safety. This innovative hoist grants independence to drivers who rely on a wheelchair in their daily lives, eliminating the need for assistance from caregivers to load and carry the wheelchair into the car. By freeing up space inside the vehicle, it allows for comfortable travel, storage of groceries, and accommodation of additional passengers. Moreover, it is an essential tool for caregivers or drivers, providing a safe and risk-free method of lifting wheelchairs without the potential for shoulder or related injuries.

  • Optional waterproof cover
  • Suitable for collapsible chairs only
  • Inertia real fail safe
  • Australian manufactured