Hydraulic Lifter – Vertical Split Platform

Hydraulic Lifter

Product Code: E-1050 Split / E-1320 Split


Out of sight and out of the way

This platform type stows by splitting down the middle with each part folding up against the sides of the vehicle. In its stowed position the wheelchair lift is out of way and out of sight. This means that the vehicle’s entrance can always be used to get in and out of the vehicle and does not block the exit in case of an emergency evacuation. The vehicle floor to lift threshold is the lowest on the market making loading easy and reduces the risk of tripping to a minimum.

These lifts are built to be simple and reliable. To function every time they are used, regardless if it’s multiple times a day or once a year. Whether hot or cold, rain or snow, the E-Series lifts will provide accessibility in vehicles to people all over the world.

  • Safe Descent
  • Roll stop safety
  • Durable and intuitive hand pendant
  • Light Kit option
  • Bluetooth remote app option
  • 400g lifting capacity
  • Electrohydraulic power up/gravity down operation

Hydraulic Lifter Vertical Split Platform Specifications

0.471 MB